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Filtrum / SEAFOOD


Seafood consumption is a common cause of gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea. Even when cooked correctly, seafood spoils fast, and simple negligence in storage may become a cause of serious poisoning. Besides, there is always a risk of buying an already spoiled or contaminated fish, caught in polluted waters with bacteria or other toxic waste such as heavy metals, infectious agents and other substances.


Seafood poisoning occurs:

  • when seafood is improperly stored - the decay process causes the development of toxins or bacteria. When buying fresh or frozen fish carefully examine for signs that reveal improper storage (enlarged belly, hazy eyes, dry tail, sticky body);
  • when seafood is improperly processed and conserved – food safety requirements were not met or ingredients used were expired or spoiled;
  • when seafood comes from polluted environment


In case of seafood poisoning you should consult with a physician, who will define the cause of poisoning and prescribe appropriate treatment.

As a first aid, you should stop absorption of toxins into the blood stream and manage symptoms of diarrhea, if present.

Filtrum® due to its high sorption capacity and broad sorption spectrum may bind the toxins or bacteria until medical consultation is possible.