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Filtrum / Filtrum® I How to treat diarrhea

Filtrum® I How to treat diarrhea


Drugs for diarrhea treatment are probably some of the most popular in any home drug cabinet. This is no surprise: anyone who has suffered from an episode of diarrhea, would not forget the unpleasant feelings associated with it.

Diarrhea itself is not an illness, but a symptom, but left untreated it may cause significant damage to the organism. For this reason treatment of diarrhea in adults and children is not merely a process, relieving discomfort, but also an important condition of staying healthy.


The most common causes that lead to development of diarrhea are the following:

  • Food poisoning;
  • Intestinal disbiosis;
  • Disruption of absorption processes in the intestine;
  • Food allergy or individual intolerance to some food products or their components;
  • Malnutrition.

In all the listed cases anti-diarrhea drugs may be used on their own or in complex with other medications.


One of the most dangerous complications of the diarrhea is dehydration: with extra watery stool masses the organism loses large amounts of water. In addition, important microelements leave the bloodstream together with water, which makes impossible the correct work of the heart, normal metabolism and other vital functions. So, the first order goal in case of diarrhea is to refill on fluids and electrolytes. In this case, the treatment of diarrhea is aimed at prophylactics of cardio-vascular and other problems, outcomes of which may be truly dangerous.

Besides, untreated diarrhea may become the cause of sustainable disruption in the intestinal microflora contents.


Anti-diarrhea drug Filtrum® is the drug of the new generation. Its sorption capacity (ability to absorb harmful substances) allows using this anti-diarrhea drug for adults and children in cases of diarrhea of different origin (including food, drug, alcohol and other poisonings).

About drug composition.. The active substance of Filtrum® is lignin – the substance of natural origin, produced from wood by method of special treatment. Unlike anti-diarrhea drugs of the previous generations, Filtrum® absorbs toxins of various types, including low molecular components (alcohol, some medical preparations, etc). This ability makes this drug and universal sorbent, which allows treatment for diarrhea of different origin.

Filtrum 400 mg tablets

On the use of the drug.. Filtrum® is administered 3-4 times a day 1 hour before the food intake or other drugs administration. Medium one-time dose is for children: under 1 year old ½ of the pill; 1–3 years old – 1 pill; 4–7 years old – 1 pill, 7–12 years old – 1–2 pills; for adults – 2-3 pills.

The drug is manufactured in form of pills, which makes it especially convenient for use during travel, for those who spend much time outside home.

In case of diarrhea of unknown origin, when there is blood in stool, when duration is over 2 days, and also when there are other symptoms present (high temperature, vomiting, weakness), doctor’s consultation should be obtained immediately.